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New Email Address

In line with this new access route into our voucher system we have also changed our email address.

If you have recently emailed us on our ccsg@sky.com email address – please do not worry as emails addressed to that address are / will continue to be forwarded to our ccsg@btconnect.com address.


Corporate Childcare Solutions Group (CCSG) recognises that our registered users entrust specific details to us as required to enable us to provide an automated childcare voucher process and we value that privacy.

CCSG needs to retain this specified information in order to supply childcare vouchers to requested, registered, care providers and if requested supply audit information to HMRC.

We do however operate a strict privacy policy which we make clear when users sign up to the CCSG Childcare Voucher Scheme either as an employer, parent or care provider.

All of the specified data we hold for registered users is limited to that which we require to enable their part of the process and each account’s specific information is held in a fully encrypted purpose built system which does not use any external CRM software in its operation and is accessible to the account holder.

The CCSG System software does not contain an email or SMS facility nor does it run any automated processes to send any communication to its registered users.

CCSG does not promote or market itself in any way (ie. by hard copy mailings nor automatic means nor via any form of web or social media contact) nor does it release information of any kind to any external party outside of those organisations which form part of the childcare voucher ‘supply chain’ and as agreed by the registered users and detailed in our full privacy policy*.

Our privacy policy operates in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the amendments of May 2018.

To ensure maximum privacy protection our *full Privacy Policy is available to our registered users on request by emailing ccsg@btconnect.com.

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